New Instagram Features You Need To Know

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

New Instagram Features of 2021
New Instagram Features You Need To Know

Why should you use Instagram for your business if it was created as a photo-sharing platform for people to socialize? Yes its intention could be to socialize, but did you know it can kick-start your business and help you reach your sales goals and eventually grow your business?

Instagram is considered to be one the best social media platforms for engagement and interaction or your ability as a brand to connect with your followers. It’s visually compelling, simple to use and it’s attracting the younger generations more than other social media platforms on the internet.

Instagram may seem as small tool but it is powerful enough that your business should be using no matter what!

New Features of Instagram 2021
New Features of Instagram

Lately, Instagram has come up with a number of features for better usability, easy to use and attracting people. Let’s look at them -

1. Create posts from Web -

Instagram will now let users create posts from its web platform after testing the ability to post feeds from desktop browser.

This can prove helpful if you would rather not reach for your phone, of course, but it could be particularly useful for businesses and enthusiasts who want to make better use of their expensive cameras and save their time too.

Create Instagram posts from Web | New feature
Create Instagram posts from Web

2. Map search -

Map search is the latest Instagram feature that allows users to find the location of businesses within the Instagram app itself. With just one click on the map icon, you can see directions about nearby places like restaurants, bars, cafeterias, entertainment venues, shops and more.

To find the new feature:

1. Click on the explore button

2. In the upper right corner click on the map icon

Search business on Instagram map | New feature
Search Business On Instagram Map

3. Swipe ups replaced with stickers -

Instagram has now replaced the swipe up option with stickers. Now, all users who had the opportunity to use this option and bring the audience from their profiles to websites will be able to do the same with stickers.

Swipe Ups Replaced With Stickers On Instagram
Swipe Ups Replaced With Stickers On Instagram

With these new updates in its pocket, Instagram app has definitely up its game and continues to be one of the best and improving social media platforms on the internet.

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