How To Write Brilliant Blog Posts

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts
How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts

Have you ever read a piece of content that has stayed in your mind forever? Are you wondering how could you write a blog post that compels the reader to read it and create a huge impact on them?

Well, writing a brilliant blog post is not everyone’s cup of tea; but it’s not a rocket science either!

So what makes a brilliant blog post?

If you think that a good blog post is all about using the right words, then you’re mistaken.

There are many other factors that go into making a successful blog post.

Blog Post Illustration
Blog Post Illustration

Before writing any blog, you must consider below factors that are a must if you want the readers to gain interest -

  • How easy is it to read?

  • How visually engaging is the post?

  • How well does it answer the reader’s questions?

  • How will it keep attracting traffic?

Tips on How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts-

1. Choose a Good Topic -

The first thing on the checklist for writing an amazing blog post is to pick a good topic.

The topic that you choose should be something that the readers really want to read about, solves their questions & relates and brings value to them, so that your post will continue to get more traffic when it’s published.

Idea for Brilliant Blog Post

2. Do Your Research -

Once you have decided the topic, make sure to research the first page of Google and that of your competitors to get an idea what’s there and how you can improve it.

If you can’t write a high quality post as theirs, don’t worry as you need not be an expert in the field, but you need to do your research so that you add some value.

Research for Brilliant Blog Post

3. Hook your Readers with Great Opening -

If you write a boring introduction, they are much likely to skip the rest of your blog post too. But If you can hook the readers in the introduction part of your blog, consider half job done!

The best way to keep them engaged is by addressing their problems in the form of questions or by writing an eye-catchy line in the introduction.

Introduction for Brilliant Blog Post

4. Use Images for Visual Engagement -

A simple image has the power to make a boring post much more fun and engaging. An image can convey what words can’t.

Besides that, an image breaks the monotony of words and brings a refreshing visual break to the reader which keeps them engaged.

Visual Engagement for Brilliant Blog Post

5. Level up your SEO -

If you think you know how to write a great blog post but aren’t getting the traffic, then you are missing out one important step which is SEO!

For your post to have more traffic, you must optimize your blog through proper keywords, keyphrases, title, description and much more. Also consider optimizing every image in the blog post through alt tags.

SEO for Brilliant Blog Post

Once you’re done with writing a blog post, the last thing you have to do is proofread it and then edit it to let your readers have smooth and seamless experience. But make sure that you take a moment off from the blog and edit it after a while when you are fresh.

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