How Much Does Website Development Cost?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

So you have decided to build a website for your brand or business? Great! You’ve done almost half of the job just by deciding to create a website. The rest of the job? Well, that will done by the website developers that you’ll choose. But before hiring a website developer, a question must be popping up in your mind that “How much would a website developer cost?” and you have every right to know that.

Before diving into that topic, we must first understand the significance of creating a website and why you must consider a website for you brand or business.

Website Design & Development and its Features
Elements of Website Development

How will website work for your business?

· There are over 825 million internet users alone in India which exposes your business to wide range of people.

· Only 0.003% of the total Indian population i.e. 5 million have registered domain. This shows a very low competition comparatively.

· A survey shows over 62% of small-mid sized business believe having a website improved their business performance.

The above points bring out the fact that website works wonders for each and every type of business.

Now, coming to the most important question,

How much does it actually cost for website development?

If you hire a website developer or a designer, it may cost you anywhere between Rs.0-Rs.25000 depending upon the type of website you want to be created, the way you want to present it and many other factors that go along with it.

Some of the other factors include:

· Domain

· Hosting

· Theme & Template

· Content Writing

· Number of Pages

· Images & Other Interactive Work

Animated Image of People Creating Website
How Website is Designed

Why Choose Us for Website Development?

We create experiences that are attractive, simple-to-use and bring results for your company. We mainly focus on making things work for your audience and your business.

We plan and brainstorm different ideas by gaining a solid understanding about what your business is and take into account your valuable opinions to make the final results more comprehensive and not very complex.

We offer Web Design, Web Development, Online Marketing, etc. at better than average market pricing and plan the best possible outcomes with respect to your budget.

We have immense experience of website development and have worked with a number of clients who were more than satisfied with our work.

Plan, Design and Develop Website
Stages of Website Development

How much do we charge for Creating Website?

Most of the website developers these days charge no less than Rs.10000 to create a single website.

But we believe in providing the best possible rates with assurance of your complete satisfaction. And hence, we charge only Rs.5000* per website so that you get best results at a very low and best price. We assure you that you won’t regret working with us and we will make sure to tick your every demand and bring your desires into reality. (*T&C Applied)

Looking forward to working with you!


CreaFam Digital Marketing Agency

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