Digital Business Cards vs. Traditional Business Cards

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Digital Business Card
Digital Business Card

A digital business card is nothing but a replica of traditional business card but in a digital format. A digital business card is essentially not shared physically but digitally. It contains complete information about a business right from business details to contact details to social details. A digital business card defines the business.

The purpose of the digital card is to connect with your potential clients and partners.

Digital Business Card 2021
Digital Business Card

Digital business card is better than traditional business card because it is-

1. Cost effective -

If you want to make traditional business cards, you will not print one or two or even ten cards but in a bulk amount which might cost a few bucks.

But when you opt for a digital card, you don’t need to pay any money and can be made even on a smartphone.

2. Convenient -

When you make a digital business card, you can insert any relevant information you want to in the card. Even a social media account link can be attached in the card.

But when we talk about traditional cards, it mainly consists only basic details of business like address, contact number, email id, etc. It does not contain essential information like social media account link, map location, and other interactive links.

Also, a digital card doesn’t require any physical space to keep in when compared to traditional cards.

3. Eco-friendly -

If a business opts for a traditional card, obviously it requires a paper to make from, and for that trees are cut down.

We can reduce this cutting of trees by opting for digital cards since it doesn’t require any material to be made from, compared to a traditional card, thereby saving our mother nature as well.

4. Storage-

When you share physical business cards with clients or any partner, it is often seen that after a few days the same card is nowhere to be seen, either it is sitting in one corner of the house or gets lost somewhere.

But when we talk of digital business cards, you don’t need to remember where you have kept it, you just need to save it in your smartphone or any other device, and then you can check it even after a few days.

5. Technology -

In a few years from now, a traditional business card would be considered outdated and hence hardly anyone will be using it in the coming years.

But digital business cards will become the next big thing in the business world in the coming few years.

Digital Business Cards 2021
Digital Business Card

A digital business card has become an essential part of today’s modern business world. And in today’s scenario wherein it is not easy to even meet someone, a digital business card can be your solution to the traditional business cards.


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